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Break Beatz tv

Break Beatz is Co-Owned by three female Entrepreneurs, with backgrounds in the Music & Entertainment Industry, Holistic health/Wellbeing, Cultural Criminology and Research, making the company ethos wholesome, holistic and grounded. ​ We are all unique individuals who bring this same energy to the company! We want our Artists to grow and be the best versions of themselves not just musically but in every part of their lives, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. As part of the service we offer our talent, we equip them with relevant training if required, they will have access to holistic wellbeing modalities that can assist with their mindset and confidence, we manage, their photography and marketing requirements, the list goes on. Our Artist represent us and we want to make sure that they are in the best possible position, mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually to get to where they want to in their lives and careers. ​ We are not just an business, we are here to support your journey! A community of like minded individuals, who work together to push and elevate everyone in our team. ​ Background. ​ Founded in 2016 by Rena Cokayne who had a vision so clear but it was the wrong time, the wrong resources and couldnt find a team who shared the same vision or passion. Rena was also on a personal journey of self discovery but had no idea at the time! Break Beatz Tv didn't last long and sat there as a concept for 4 years in her mind and in that time, no other platform with the same vision and ethos hit the scene. However the universe had other ideas and synchronicity was in full force! Fast forward to 2020 after the first lockdown was lifted Rena attended a video shoot and Michelle Scannell and Lauren Vickery (who was already friends) was also there. Instantly their energies connected and a great friendship was born! The energy kept evolving, they was all on their own but very similar paths, had similar ideas and visions, conquering their own fears, overcoming challenges and learning from mistakes, it only made sense to find away where they can help others, spread their knowledge, wisdom and experience! Break Beatz Tv was reborn as a joint business enterprise in August 2020 and the rest is history... To be watched in our documentary of our journey, soon to come! ​ Break Beatz mission- To push and elevate as many people as we can. To raise our vibrations and do what makes us happy, using music as our platform. ​ Your welcome...



Lostboi entered the radio industry at the age 12 as a Dj as time went past he found a massive love for every thing radio from djing to engineer work within the stations he worked with . Lostboi as has owned a couple of stations popular in Berkshire and also London and now of course 2HI Radio. Lostboi has a massive love for all things drum and bass and jungle playing out across London and the Midlands make a name for himself in the dancehall and jungle music scene .ng>Donec ullamcorper consequat pharetra.