Neil Wallace

I remember falling in love with dance music when I heard Faithless – Insomnia for the first time, ever since that day I was hooked. At the age of 18 some of my friends were getting into DJing and I thought it was the best idea ever. I eventually got myself a pair of huge plastic Numark turntables and my mate John tried to teach me how to beat match. I got it eventually.

Over the years my style has changed from Trance to House to Progressive House and although I like to keep things in my mixes fresh, I do now tend to stick to the techy side of things. I’ve always tried to make my mixes like a musical journey, so the first track you hear should be a long way away from the last track I play.

Currently I’m deep into the world of Techno and resident of the UK based Techno Calling events. Additionally I also host a fortnightly Techno Calling radio show presented by West Central UK on the fantastic 2Hi Radio.