Antonio Pascal

Antonio Pascal’s musical career started at the tender age of 14. His love for music, lead him to building his career, with the help and support from the legends like, The Godfather MC Creed, DJ Norris the Boss Windross, Dominic Spread Love and Bobby & Steve. Also, DJ Legends Karl Tuff Enough, Matt Jam Lamont, Hermit and Nigel Benn. This is when his career started to take off and he has never looked back.

He has traditional DJ techniques and skills, with personalised dub plates, mixes and remixes. He manages to create seamless transition, between recordings and develop unique mixes. He also has an extensive knowledge about the music that he specializes in. He has taken his unique sounds to global destination such as, the Caribbean islands of St Lucia and Tobago. Also, Croatia and Germany. His brand, “Prophecy of House” has gone from performing at top London clubs, to running their own promotions in St Lucia & Croatia. This event has been running for 3 years and has grown from clubs into festivals quickly. With his love for Afro and Soulful house music, he does not stop amazing and pleasing people, with his exceptional talents. He just continues to reinvent himself.